MCU Design
Other than the ASIC design, Vitelic Technology also offers the MCU design for customer strive for small size, lower power, low cost and turn in mass production in 7 days' time.
ASIC Design
Vitelic Technology offers one-stop solution for ASIC design by low manufacturing cost with a short production time.
Discrete Design
Vitelic has rich heritage in discrete power semiconductor. Over the years, we developed the high voltage planar technology, Trench Mosfet, Super Junction Mosfet, SR Mosfet, IGBT, SiC and GaN power devices.
Wafer Foundry
Vitelic offers complete turn-key foundry service to customers.

We also act as EpiGaN's agent in China region to supply GaN epitaxial wafers.

Backend Service
Our full turnkey service provides the hassle-free operation from wafer out, through wafer sorting, grinding, packaging and finally deliver packaged units to your end-customers.
Semiconductor Equipment
Vitelic manufactures semiconductor equipment for testing and microfabrication.
Wafer & IC Testing
We have our own Class 1,000 clean room testing facility run by professionals with years of experience and proven capability to achieve the highest quality and faster time-to-market.
MCU Programming
MCU require some software (programming) to be useful. To create and debug this software, you can use an integrated development environment (IDE).
Failure Analysis
Our Failure Analysis service helps you to identify device failure down to circuit design level, differentiating whether the cause is fabrication, testing or design related.
Reliability Test
We provide complete environmental and electrical reliability test service for both power devices and IC.
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