Solar Power
Solar energy is practically unlimited and available most place. It is the most environmentally friendly energy source. Standard PV power conversion system have first stage dc-dc converter, either isolated or non-isolated, and the second stage dc-ac inverter for ac output. Isolation between PV cells and ac output is generally required to meet safety requirements in U.S. In Europe and Japan, many inverters are designed with non-isolated topologies, which can be lighter weight, higher efficiency, and lower cost, but they also require ground loop protection circuit to avoid accidental electric shock. Residential PV installation is typically between1 and 5 KW, which is in Vitelic’s Planar Mosfet and Superjunction Mosfet application range. For commercial and industrial applications, 3- phase, 10 to 100 kW units is typical, which can be served by Vitelic’s SiC devices.
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